Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Floors

Spring Cleaning

Spring is around the corner. There would no longer be slush or mud or snow peppered all over your floors. This means that this is really a good time to get your floors cleaned.

Different types of flooring require different cleaning processes. Just because they all serve the same purpose does not mean you clean them indifferently. For effective cleaning that not only brings shine to the floor but also increases its longevity, you need the necessary knowledge to go about it.

At Flooring Discount Center, we share some effective tips for sparkling floors this spring:

1. For Tile Floorings

Tile stores in Orange County CA suggest sweeping the place up or vacuuming the loose dirt on it. The biggest advantage that comes with having tiled flooring is the low-maintenance that goes into keeping it shiny and clean. All you technically need is some warm water, and your floor is shiny as ever.

2. For Hardwood Flooring

Now this kind of flooring needs more detailed attention. Never ever use abrasive cleaning products on such surfaces. This can cause scratches and gouging, which will ruin your hardwood flooring in Orange County CA.

Sweep cleaning and vacuuming your hardwood floors is a good way to keep them clean and fresh throughout the spring.

3. For Laminate Flooring

One of the most elegant floorings there is, maintaining such floors are essential, lest they lose their attributes. For shiny laminate flooring in Orange County, it is considered best to have a vacuum with a floor wand attachment.

If you are not into deep cleaning it, then a basic duster or a damp mop should help you get your floor shiny and clean. You would, however, need to be extra careful when you are wiping the floor clean, as laminate floorings take a while to dry and end up being very slippery in the meanwhile.

4. For Vinyl Flooring

If you have vinyl flooring in Orange County CA, then mere mopping can help you get the deed done. In order to keep stains away, you would need to wipe spills up right when they happen.

There are also dedicated vinyl cleaners to help you get your floors shiny.

The Bottom Line Here Being

Caring for your floors is a crucial aspect of interior maintenance. Quite often, it remains overlooked. But if you have the knack for stunningly, speck-less clean houses, these are some tips you can follow.