How Humidity Can Affect Hardwood And Laminate Flooring?

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High humidity can result in damaging different surfaces within the house, such as the flooring which typically gets affected the most. In residential spaces, the hardwood flooring and the laminate flooring are the two most common flooring options available in the market.

These can get affected due to the high humidity levels inside the house. It may damage and even require a replacement of the existing flooring. To avoid this, an individual must identify the problems and address them before high humidity level causes permanent damage, to hardwood or laminate flooring in Newport Beach.

Firstly, he/she should identify what high humidity does to the laminate or hardwood flooring and how to protect the damage from being caused. Below mentioned are the answers to these questions.

What Humidity Does To Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is made of wood veneer or a plastic print which looks like wood. After this, it is sandwiched between a transparent protective layer and a thick layer of fiberboard. It convincingly looks like wood but is not made of wood like the hardwood flooring in Santa Ana.

When exposed to high humidity levels, the flooring can get swollen up and result in an uneven surface. The laminate flooring may even contract when exposed to low humidity levels. Extreme low humidity can create gaps between the tiles or boards of the flooring. This means during high and low humidity levels the laminate flooring surface can crack and split.

What Hardwood Flooring Does To Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood flooring in Costa Mesa is made out of pure wood and is treated to resist moisture. Because of the wear and tear caused after a period of time, it tends to get eroded. If the flooring is not stained, polished or sealed over the years it can absorb moisture. Due to the high humidity levels in the air, it can absorb moisture. If enough moisture is absorbed it can swell up the planks of the hardwood flooring. This may lead to uneven surface.

How to Protect the Floorings from High Humidity Levels?

For preventing problems with the hardwood flooring, make sure to seal and get it stained if it is worn up. Getting the flooring stained will not only prevent damage but will also give a new look with its shine. The laminate flooring can resist humidity only if, it is properly installed. It should let sit in the room for a day before installation, this gets the laminate flooring used to the room’s humidity level.

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Humidity levels can affect both laminate flooring and hardwood flooring in Orange County CA. Make sure to get them installed by a professional. Follow the above-mentioned methods, for protecting the hardwood and laminate flooring from humidity levels.