What Is The Difference Between Bathroom And Kitchen Tiles?

Kitchen Tiles

Tiles are a great flooring option in many residential apartments here in Orange County. They not only lend anintricate look to the overall ambience but also last long enough to deliver immense value for every dollar spent on the flooring. If you have purchased the tiles from reputed tile stores in Orange County, the post-sales support and maintenance will extend the life of the flooring further.

Today we look at some crucial difference between bathroom mand kitchen tiles. This way, if you are stepping out to purchase tiles for a particular area within your home, you can be absolutely sure that you have made the right choice.

1. Usage

An important difference between the two types of tiles is the thermal capacity. Kitchens usually have hot surface and high temperatures. They need to withstand more heat than a bathroom tile. Also, the number of spills and stains will be more in the kitchen due to its busy nature and food grade ingredients scattered around in the kitchen area.

On the other hand, bathroom tiles need to withstand continuous inflow of water, grime and moisture. This is because there is a high tendency of presence of moisture or water on the tile surface.

2. Traffic

A kitchen typically receives more volume of footfall and traffic as compared to a bathroom. Be it kids or pets, they will likely be in the kitchen for longer than they are in the bathroom thus kitchen tiles are designed to be tougher than bathroom tiles.

However, with great quality tiles, the strength will ensure that the tiled flooring delivers optimum performance for many years.

3. Maintenance

With kitchen floors, the tendency is to clean up after every instance of meal preparation. So, it is naturally kept well-maintained. For bathroom, however, you need to dedicate time to clean the bathroom. Also because of the grime accumulation on the bathroom tile surface, the maintenance procedure will be more intensive than a kitchen.

For bathroom, regular maintenance has to be done, as high level of grime accumulation can make the ground surface very slippery. This will increase the likelihood of slipping and falling. In kitchen, the intensive maintenance will be needed in case moving appliances has left behind marks on the floor surface.

For both bathrooms and kitchen, it is vital to note that the surface will be prone to slippage due to water or moisture. It is extremely crucial to keep the tiles dry. Many bathroom tiles nowadays come with an auto drying facility that soaks up the moisture after you have had a bath. It is better to talk with a leading flooring company like Flooring Discount Center to check if you can get such type of bathroom tiles installed in your home.

To sign off

These were some interesting differences between bathroom and kitchen tiles when you search for ‘flooring stores near me’. You can keep this in mind when you step into a trustworthy store like Flooring Discount Center and get long lasting tiles for your bathroom and kitchen.