What Type of Flooring to Use on the Walls?

Flooring Walls

It is common to use laminate flooring and hardwood flooring on the floor surfaces. They bring alive the radiance of the floor and can withstand heavy traffic to perform well. But did you know that vinyl flooring, tiles and hardwood are also popular surface level materials for walls? Yes, many homeowners are preferring to cover their walls with laminate tiles/ hardwood and accentuate its visual appeal. Many reputed stores in Floor and Decor Santa Ana CA like Flooring Discount Center specialize in the supply of a broad assortment of wall tiles and hardwood specifically for walls in homes and offices.

If you are keen on getting your walls fitted with high quality hardwood, then this post is just for you. We look at the three most common types of wall materials that are popular here in CA.

1. Hardwood

Hardwood on the walls helps to bring out the distinct look of a particular corner or section of the wall. It elevates your stamp of personality with its appealing design. The engineered hardwood offers key benefits as under:

a) Sturdy – These hardwood materials can be relied on to last long and deliver low maintenance performance. Look-wise they look almost seamless unlike other forms of wall covering materials.

b) DIY – Installation is simple. You don’t need specialized tools to fit these into the walls. Its tongue-and-groove installation can be carried out as a DIY project at home.

2. Engineered Tiles

Engineered tiles supplied by dependable stores in Floor and Decor Santa Ana CA can really enhance the looks of the overall décor. They are highly preferred on wall surfaces where there is a likelihood or moisture or water seepages. So, these walls make a great choice of bathrooms and kitchens. Their advantages are as below:

a) Variety – Be it modern or classic, tiles can deliver multiple looks with their variety. Be it marble or concrete, you get a lot of options to choose from.

b) Complementary looks – You can easily match the design to go with the flooring installed on the house. This way, you can create a riveting appearance overall.

c) Anywhere – They are great to be installed anywhere in the house. Though, we don’t recommend installing them near places with high temperature (such as fireplaces)

3. Wood Finish Laminate

People who want to get the finish of wooden surface but with the durability of a laminate tiling, then this can be a scintillating preference. Create a distinct look with full-wood wall within a matter of hours. Its benefits are as below:

a) Pathbreaking – Its design is truly modern and advanced. You get the dual benefit of the richness of wood walls, combined with the performance of laminate surfaces

b) Long lasting – the wood wall laminates are easy to clean. Their protective layers protect against scrapes, spills, and scratches and thus extend the life of the walls for many years.

To sign off

You can pick a great choice out of these three at Flooring Discount Center, a known name in Hardwood Flooring Orange County California. Their inventory in wall tiles offers incredible versatility and variety. This can help you pick one that matches with the overall décor of your home.